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The company

President and legal representative of Kritikos Shipping Lines & POSIDONIA SHIPPING & TRADING SA is Mr. Kritikos Evangelos.

The President and CEO of the company (Mr. Kritikos) comes from a Naval family with a long maritime tradition dating from the 18th century and its roots go back to the captains of the 1821 Revolution. 

From the ranks of the family carrying the name Kritikos, there have been a series of, First engineers, shipowners, shipping agents, naval officers, etc.

Some of the most noteworthy ships owned by the Kritikos family include:

  R / T T / P THIRD
  R / T T / P NIREUS

All these ships sail under the Greek and Cypriot flag. These companies operate in the following areas:

A) Ownership - They have in their position ships that sail under the Greek flag. 

B) Management - operating ships under Greek, Cypriot and the flag of Liberia. 

C) Chartering - a full charter organized department with qualified and experienced partners. 

D) Ship Brokering - fully organized department that deals with buying and selling ships.

E) Ship Agency - Ship Agents in Lagos Nigeria and Ghana Tema, West Africa.

Z) Ship Refueling - bunkering vessels in West Africa.

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