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Funeral of Kritikos Spyridon


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Press Release

   On November 29, 2019 at the Holy Temple of St. Spyridon at the port of Piraeus the memorial service of Kritikos Spyridon was held, an emblematic and important person of the Greek Merchant Mediterranean Shipping. The Metropolitan of Piraeus Seraphim attended among with many people of the Greek Shipping and civilians.

   The presence of the Vietnamese government, led by the Vietnamese ambassador to Greece, Mr. Nguyen Manh Cuong, who spoke at the funeral. He expressed the thanks of the Vietnamese government for the services provided by the deceased to the people of Vietnam.

   More specifically during the Vietnam War in the 1960s, he broke the blockade of the US Navy by delivering food, medical supplies and other items to the civilian population. At the same time he was repairing the generators of hospitals and other infrastructure destroyed by US bombardment, saving the lives of thousands of civilians, mainly children and the elderly. For all that he was honored during his life and now in death.

   In that difficult moment, they were identified among others, the following people: Lafazanis Panagiotis T. Minister, Panagiotis Mantas Political Officer T. Departmental Director, George Boutros Secretary DIKKI, Axarlis George T. Dimotikos consultant Piraeus, Axarlis Nikolaos, Alexakis Anastasios Secretary-General of the Merchant Marine Merchants Association, Farinola Mary Nepa Yachting, CPT Kouzilos Evangelos - COSTAMARE SHIPPING, Liberty Maritime Museum, Gaitanidis Nikolaos Nailomessitis, CPT Vassilios Boulieris, Pentarvanis Ioannis ship repairing, Freckles George shipbrokers, Dimitrios Maltese businessman, Damigou Effie spokesman PENETIS (Panhellenic Union Imeroploion Tourist Ship), Chol Lefteris Sandblasting, Spyratos Gerasimos, Bekris Markos ship repairing, Trikilis Nikos Pappas Sotirios ship repairing, Fotios Evangelos Karlis - Ephesus Shipping, Diavatis Ioannis Journalist Producer of TV Shows, Vozikis George, Director of the Hellenic Shortsea Shipowners Association and others.

   Dozens of letters of condolence were sent, including:

- Halas Ioannis, President of the Panhellenic Nautical Federation (PNF)
- Board of Directors of SIPAD
- Board of Directors of PEATHEN
- N. Softas Law Office
- Melas Constantinos Law Office
- Karagiotis Evangelos, Medicine Professor
- Lazarou Ship supplies
- Mikeletis Giannis, Maritime Executive
- Economides Giannis, Shipping Agencies
- Parisi - Maniati Matoula, Hotel Owner

   The deceased's family expresses their gratitude to all those who were next to us, to the participants in our great mourning.

Kritikos S. Evangelos

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